René Joshi Sims:

Hi, I'm René. First I was an artist. Then I became a mom.  Then, as it turned out, I was an autism mom. Now I'm an artist again.

(I'm still a mom.)

I have a little blog called fruityfantastica*, which features marvellous stuff of all kinds done by other people, and my own work. Sometimes I get tongue-tied and don't know what to say there for a while, but if you wait long enough and don't make any sudden moves, I eventually try to reward your patience with some small thing or another. 


Here's a painting I did many years ago, called Self Portrait With Teeth. I don't have this painting anymore, but you'll be relieved to know I still have all of my teeth.

I'm on Twitter, and would be pleased to get acquainted with you there:

You can also email me: fruityfantastica(at)gmail(dot)com

*Fruity Fantastica was my Tetris high score name. I was a pretty good Tetris player, and if you think that's bluster just go ahead and ask Meaty Magnifico about it. Later, Fruityfantastica became a code word for my potential to be something better than I was. Now it's a hairshirt I wear online to remind myself that I am also ridiculous.