Elle_Ann:  @elle_ann

Force of habit: I'll begin this introduction by stating what I do --

I'm equal parts dietitian (whose day begins and ends in the garden) and gardener (who seeks and applies knowledge about healthy, sustainable eating).

But another way of describing myself -- and perhaps more appropriate on this "little blog about a lot of things" -- is to list some of the hopeful, beautiful, helpful, interesting, nourishing, & everyday-ordinary things I enjoy, celebrate & treasure.

Things like:

- songbirds

- poetry

- handmade papery goodness

- lettuce from the balcony garden & heirloom tomatoes from the Farmers Market on homemade, multigrain, toasted bread -- no margarine and definitely never, ever any bacon.

- my stubborn, playful, affectionate Westie

- whimsy

- wisdom, inspiration, & humour in 140 characters or less

I suspect some or all of these creatures, creations, & qualities will feature prominently in my upcoming Hedge Society posts. And if you'd like more food and gardening content, you can read my adventures on the balcony, in the kitchen, at the dog park & in the dietitian's office at Greens & Berries.